Raiden, Lavender Beds, Ward 10 Plot 6

    "Even if the first impression may be deceptive due to the location of the outwardly inconspicuous venue, a truly enchanting world awaits the guest behind its gates, in which ones own problems magically disappear and time stands still."

    Welcome to Bliss! The hottest Eastern Themed Nightclub in all of Light DC. Located in the heart of The Lavender Beds, surrounded by lush green grass, and views one could only dream of.
    Bliss is an 18+ Eastern themed nightclub that offers unforgettable moments with a unique ambience and wonderful guests and staff. Between the calm nature of our halls lies the brightly shining dance floor - packed with the wildest party animals.
    If you too want to have a night full of exotic feelings and tastes, your destiny will lead you straight to us!Not only is Bliss a nightclub... It's something more... something bigger.. Keep your eyes peeled, as we expand into something truly beyond this world.Our journey started on March 8th 2022, and here we are... This.. is BLISS

    If you have a question, concern, criticism or even want to partner your venue with us, you are very welcome to contact our owner at any time - ingame, aswell as on discord.
    Note: If you are a venue owner looking to partner/collab with Bliss, your only point of contact is our owner, Yuki Vestara, going through other management will result in being declined.
    If you are a DJ looking to play at our venue, your point of contact is Yuki Vestara. As the owner, she handles any and all DJ bookings.


    Yuki Vestara@Odin & Raiden



    Olivia Voss@Odin



    Nynu Teez@Raiden


    For all our guests who want to stand out from the crowd and shine in their own individual light, we offer our VIP service, which gives exquisite and special bonuses to our guests, elevating the experience to a whole new level!

    The advantages for our valued VIP guests:
    Standard VIP

    - In case of a queue at the gates, you'll be granted instant access to the venue
    - 30-minute early entry, and a priority entry for the entire night should we ever hit capacity
    - 50% Discount on all available items from our bar (Excludes Full Moon / Bar Buyout)
    - 20% Discount on all available photography services
    - Full access to the upstairs VIP lounge for the entire night & including after closing.
    - The possibility of a private dance in our VIP Lounge, at a reduced rate of 75,000 Gil/30 Minutes

    (Up to an hour at a maximum of 150.000 Gil)

    200.000 Gil

    Pre-Opening booking

    300.000 Gil

    Post-Opening booking


    - All of the above
    - Bring a +1 with you for all VIP activities throughout the night. Includes discount on private dance
    - 1x Free Companionship for you & your +1 for 30 Minutes (Must be same Blossom)
    - Bartenders will deliver drinks to VIP Lounge upon request (Slight delay if bar is overly busy)
    - Free drinks all night (Please limit to a reasonable amount. E.g. 5-10 per Hour)
    - Priority access to Gambling table

    350.000 Gil

    Pre-Opening booking

    450.000 Gil

    Post-Opening booking

    - Now offering VIP packages at a monthly cost.

    1.500.000 Gil

    Standard VIP Monthly Cost (Duration: 1 Calendar Month)

    2.000.000 Gil

    VIP+ Monthly Cost (Duration: 1 Calendar Month)

    The VIP status holds for a single opening. As soon as the evening is over, access to all benefits ends! (If paying via GIL)
    - NOTE: Standard VIP status can also be obtained via boosting the discord (lasts for the duration of your boost)

    Our unique and fantastic team allows us to create an unforgettable experience for our guests and ourselves! Here you will find all information about our bartenders, dancers and security forces!Disclaimer: Our staff are fantasia addicts. Some of these pictures may be inaccurate by the time you see this.


    The management team are responsible for ensuring the venue runs in a smooth order. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you need to discuss anything.Note: If you're a venue owner looking to partner/collab, your point of contact is Yuki Vestara. As the Owner, she's the person suited to answering these enquiries.

    Yuki Vestara

    Owner, Founder, Partnership Director

    As the founder and owner of the venue, there is a lot of work and responsibility on Yuki. However, this does not prevent her from showing an always friendly and helpful manner while taking care of the wishes and problems of both her employees and guests and creating a wonderful atmosphere for everyone.But no matter how friendly her actions may be, she shouldn't be provoked.

    Olivia Voss

    Co-Owner, Designer & Zooming Lizzer

    Nynu Teez

    Co-Owner & Resident Fluffball

    Our unique and fantastic team allows us to create an unforgettable experience for our guests and ourselves! Here you will find all information about our bartenders, dancers and security forces!Disclaimer: Our staff are fantasia addicts. Some of these pictures may be inaccurate by the time you see this.

    Sakuras (Showdancers)

    Note: Sakuras are not bookable for any service

    Nynu Teez

    Co-Owner & Resident Fluffball

    When night falls, a Flower blooms, an Eternal Night Dahlia in all her glory! Every Move she makes, like an Instrument of Love and Beauty, she turns and twist her Body, luring everyone in to the Sounds of Life and Love. When she smiles , it is enchanting. When she dances, all eyes are on her. Because there is something about the way she moves that makes you want to believe.

    Tain Teez

    Lead Sakura

    Volyin Trollyin

    An incredibly stately, muscular Viera that may appear indestructible on the outside, but inside has a soft heart for all guests. Their dances embody both physical dominance as well as breathtaking artistry.

    Inori Shadowheart

    An extraordinarily hot-tempered but also very kind person, who is always caring for her loved ones (and some guests).Her fiery temperament runs through the dance floor and inspires guests from all over the world.

    Malvolio Caison

    Oryanna Weisswald

    Lyra Belmont

    Fenrir Meowingway

    Milim Nekotoro

    Oneida Nightinggale

    Our unique and fantastic team allows us to create an unforgettable experience for our guests and ourselves! Here you will find all information about our bartenders, dancers and security forces!Disclaimer: Our staff are fantasia addicts. Some of these pictures may be inaccurate by the time you see this.

    Blossoms (Dancers)

    Alanis Ze'niki

    Head Blossom

    Name: Alanis Ze'niki
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Preference: Switch, leaning sub
    Speciality: Teasing, Open to most things when asked politely.
    Language: English
    This lizard may look sweet and innocent but there is a wild side ready to be unleashed. Originally from the Great Steppe of the Far East, Alanis was trained in the subtle art of dance and the power it holds. Looking to escape the confines of her tribe she headed to Eorzea to use her talents to seek adventure, unleashing her more wild side. She will intoxicate you with sensual movements and the soft whispered tone of her voice. Alanis is open to most things a tempted patron may be interested to indulge in, so just ask sweetly into her Sapphire eyes. Perhaps you could even teach her something new?

    Yemaya Harzhapan

    Name: Yemaya Harzhapan
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Omnisexual
    Preference: empathetic/switch
    Speciality: Petplay, Cuckolding, Clothing, Cumplay, special kink for Futas
    Language: English and German
    Have you ever wanted to have a purring kitty sitting on your lap, with which you can do everything you have imagined in your wildest fantasies? Or do you rather prefer the rough tour with red welts on your back and ass? If you've always wanted to know how a rough cat tongue feels on your favourite parts, here's your chance to find out! This chick looks cute, but has deep abysses.

    Kharsar Meiken

    Kharsar Meiken
    Name: Kharsar Meiken
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Preference: Switch, leaning Sub but can dom at request.
    Speciality: Pleasure Dom/Sub - Dirty talk – BDSM
    Languages: English
    This luscious dealer is ready to shine. Don’t let his young looks fool you, this tall muscular lizard knows how to play his card right when he gets the chance. This is a broker gone wild!! Will you be the one to break this cutie in?

    Genevieve Daureville

    Name: Genevieve Daureville (Gene for short)
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual with a strong male preference *special fondness for futas and shemales
    Preference: Submissive, but for the right price will be your lustful Dominatrix as I know well a sub should be treated
    Specialty: S/M, D/S, pet play, BDSM, romance just to name a few as I have a very long list.
    Languages: English
    This tall submissively playful Elezen knows how to have a good time and make all your dreams and fantasies come true! It is so very hard to resist her here on the dance floor, in the mood to have her all to yourself? Better be quick you do not want anyone else to steal this beauty before you do!

    Holly Sancti

    Name: Holly Sancti
    Gender: Futanari
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (Prefers Males and Futas)
    Preference: Submissive
    Specialty: Happy to try out most things
    A little Miqo'te from La Noscea. Looks a little shy at first but don't let that demeanor fool you. Being adopted into a family of Roegadyn has taught Holly how to handle any situation... and any size. While she is packing a certain something herself she prefers to be on the receiving end. She might be a little difficult to approach at first but she is sure to brighten up your evening.

    Keaton Sukanpi

    Name: Keaton Sukanpi
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual preference towards females
    Preference: Switch but leaning more to Dom
    Speciality: Open to requests just ask? Does not do scat or gore.
    Language: English
    Descending from the great tribes of Meracydia this devoted, caring Miqo'te left for the thrills of Ul'dah to train in the noble life of the Paladin. Through the rigid training he chiseled his muscular form and trust us he knows how to put it too good use. His playful nature means he knows how to have a good time both on the dance floor and in the bedroom, a perfection he always performs and delivers to the highest quality

    Crow Nightfall

    Niyari'ko Mewrilah

    Name: Niyari'ko Mewrilah
    Gender: trans male (ftm)
    Sexual Orientation: Gay
    Preference: switch, leaning to dom
    Specialty: edging, teasing, BDSM, bratting
    Language: English
    Pink and petite with fluffy ears and tail to match, this Keeper hides his sharp tongue well. But that brisk attitude melts away on the dance floor, replaced with the desire and passion to be seen and adored. Whatever he wants, he'll do his upmost to get it - making sure the other party doesn't leave unsatisfied. And he promises that he'll keep those claws to himself... Maybe.

    Althea Moon

    Name: Althea Moon
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    Preference: Submissive
    Speciality: Bratty, Pet Play
    Language: English (preferred), German
    Born to entertain and eager to please, this shy but playful Miqote will not disappoint! Born into a large family she was never fortunate enough to receive much attention from her parents. She’s eager to please and adores the attention she now gets from the people she dances in. She will mesmerise you with her moves. Are you sure you can resist?

    Our unique and fantastic team allows us to create an unforgettable experience for our guests and ourselves! Here you will find all information about our bartenders, dancers and security forces!Disclaimer: Our staff are fantasia addicts. Some of these pictures may be inaccurate by the time you see this.


    Sorocia Redgrave

    Head Bartender

    The enchanting beauty of this bartender is reflected in unique creations of liqour and nature's tastiest juices. Their enchanting beauty dazzles everyone in front of her, making it almost impossible to not concentrate on drinks.

    Cordy Mastodont

    Cordy is a cute little Satyr with a knack for mixing drinks. Kind, thoughtful and caring to both friends and patrons alike, even though her way to express herself can seem a bit flirty at times.
    Nevertheless, this beautiful creature of the Bliss Bar will gladly serve you a drink!
    Be wary though, she loves to play tricks on people...

    Nami Raycoon

    Blake Holskkoen

    Our unique and fantastic team allows us to create an unforgettable experience for our guests and ourselves! Here you will find all information about our bartenders, dancers and security forces!Disclaimer: Our staff are fantasia addicts. Some of these pictures may be inaccurate by the time you see this.


    Yuli Noctis

    Head of Security

    As Head of security this fantasia-addict is not only good looking but can be very dangerous if you try to annoy her. Still she will help if someone asks and cares about the people around her with all the love she has.

    Ryu Noctis

    Frodo Reppuli

    Sykina Raycoon

    Mala Felicitas

    Nagata Frost

    Hey you can call me Naga,I'm from Doma, before everything happened...
    Raised by the Shinobi, I learned to defend myself. Now I help anyone who needs help.
    I always try to solve everything gently, because everyone deserves a chance.

    Meiya Amari

    Ralof Steortebeker

    A man from sharlayan but at home everywhere in etheirys. His speciality's are allagan technology and history; cocktails and close quarters combat

    Hibari Lunar

    Phynex Belmont

    Our unique and fantastic team allows us to create an unforgettable experience for our guests and ourselves! Here you will find all information about our bartenders, dancers and security forces!Disclaimer: Our staff are fantasia addicts. Some of these pictures may be inaccurate by the time you see this.


    Ar'yuvi Cathyra

    Kyara Parker

    Shana Blaze

    Our unique and fantastic team allows us to create an unforgettable experience for our guests and ourselves! Here you will find all information about our bartenders, dancers and security forces!Disclaimer: Our staff are fantasia addicts. Some of these pictures may be inaccurate by the time you see this.


    Kiki Ze'niki

    Head Photographer & Stinki

    Lilith Phantom

    Sneaky Ferret & VIP Lala

    One of the most talented photographers of Eorzea! No motif escapes their keen eye and every snapshot is unique. Normally one don't even notice them, as they very often sneak around like a cat and leave no traces or noises.It is said that this cat is very fond of chasing and hunting owls.

    Drackardo Escobar


    Lumie Nyiia

    Xeron Akshara

    Meru' Mi

    Our unique and fantastic team allows us to create an unforgettable experience for our guests and ourselves! Here you will find all information about our bartenders, dancers and security forces!Disclaimer: Our staff are fantasia addicts. Some of these pictures may be inaccurate by the time you see this.


    Our wholesome well-being program ensures that all problems are taken off your shoulders and your mind can have a pleasant and satisfying time. If one of our blossoms has aroused your interest, don't hesitate and take the first step towards an unforgettable evening!

    NOTE: The Sakura Showdancers are NOT bookable.
    These services are entirely based on your preferences. Pick your poison! ~

    Photography Service

    Please provide the photographer with either a link to the pose you would like to use or a description of what you would like. Otherwise the outcome might not be what you had in mind.

    SFW Photo [max 2 people]

    100.000 Gil for 1 Photo
    200.000 Gil for 2 Photo's
    250.000 Gil for 3 Photo's

    NSFW Photo

    150.000 Gil for 1 Photo
    300.000 Gil for 2 Photo's
    375.000 Gil for 3 Photo's
    +50.000 Gil extra per person [Limit 3 extra People]

    SFW Group picture [starts at 3 people]

    120.000 Gil for 1 Photo
    240.000 Gil for 2 Photo's
    300.000 Gil for 3 Photo's

    The Kiki Ze’niki special D20 Photoservice

    Roll a 20-sided Die for a photo from the category to match the number.

    125.000 Gil for 1 Photo
    250.000 Gil for 2 Photo's
    350.000 Gil for 3 Photo's
    +50.000 Gil extra per person [Limit 3 People]

    The Bliss Photozoom

    Want a photo but don’t want to wait forever? Try our photozoom! Zoom in and zoom out!
    Hop over to the new photobooth at the reception, the photographer takes some quick shots of you and yours having a good time and you’re good to go party again!

    50.000 Gil for 1 photo
    100.000 Gil for 2 photo’s
    125.000 Gil for 3 photo’s

    VIP's receive a 20% Discount on all Photography services

    IMPORTANT: Please discuss any topics regarding this service only with the photographer and make sure all parties consent.
    Our photographers are people with feelings too, they also have a comfort zone

    Full Moon
    (Bar Buyout)

    Feeling generous? Why not show it by splashing out some Gil and buying out the entire bar for a while. All the patrons will appreciate the generosity.

    Only handled by Yuki Vestara, or Olivia Voss!

    500.000 Gil / 60 Minutes

    Companionship (GF/BF Experience)

    You feel lonely and want to spend a lovely time with a person at your side?
    Our beautiful ladies and handsome men are at your service. Get comfy on the dancefloor, grab a drink from the bar, or sit down and have a nice talk! Our Blossoms are here to entertain and help you have a great experience here at Bliss.

    No ERP involved!
    (Social Companionship available)
    75,000 Gil / 30 Minutes
    + 50,000 Gil / 30 Minutes Per Extra Person

    Bliss Ban'nō

    Are you new to Bliss or the Eorzean club scene, then we have a great service for you. Why not start your visit by spending 30 minutes with one of our fantastic Blossom hosts? Let them give you an exclusive tour of the venue and experience it’s many delights. Have a drink at the bar, a spin of the gamble table and even give your legs a stretch on the dance floor. This is the perfect introduction to the clubbing experience.

    A great introduction to Nightclubs
    50,000 Gil / 30 minutes maximum excluding bar and gambling costs

    Private Dance

    Has the enchanting look and exotic charisma of one of our dancers caught your eye?
    Don't be shy, book for a private dance in one of our more secluded areas or private rooms and enjoy a specially dedicated dance just for you!

    No ERP involved!
    125,000 Gil / 30 Minutes
    + 75,000 Gil / 30 Mins Per Extra Person

    Table Service & Body Shots (Blossoms)

    You sit comfortable at a nice Couch, you feeling really good, but suddenly you get Thirsty and don't want to leave your Spot and go to the Bar?
    Then try out our New Bar Service! Get your Drink delivered by one of our beautiful Blossom's directly at your table! Yes at your Table! or the place you sit!
    But that's not all! Only getting the drink delivered? Of course not!
    Why not spice up the Night with a bodyshot too? If you feel up for that and the Blossom that delivered the drink too, then why not ask them if you can get a bodyshot? Now that's something that would Spice the Night up!
    So come and try it out! Our Blossom's will make that for you Unforgettable!

    VIP Bodyshots SFW or NSFW: 35k per shot
    NON- VIP Bodyshot SFW or NSFW: 45k per Shot

    Intimate Time (ERP)

    Are you craving an intimate time with one of our dancers? Just ask about our private rooms for ERP to fulfill your wildest desires.
    Message your preferred dancer and our staff will handle the booking.

    250,000 Gil / 30 Minutes140,000 Gil per extra person / per 30 Minutes.

    All action subject to consent from both parties!
    Lalafell are not allowed.

    Please keep in mind...

    ... behind every character there is also a real person with real feelings. Pay attention to your tone and how you behave.
    Our dancers reserve the right to cancel at any point time in which case there is no refund.

    Bliss Photostudio
    Raiden, Lavender Beds, Ward 10 Plot 12

    It is with great pleasure that we can reveal to you, the first stage of our grand plans for expanding the Bliss brand, and all of the services offered.
    This particular project is.. Bliss Photostudio. What is it?
    A small plot located right next to our nightclub, dedicated to anything and everything photography & gpose related. The new home for ALL of our photography services. So far with 4 rooms built. Each one surely to grab your attention and draw you into that gpose addiction you're trying to hide. Let it all out!
    So where exactly is this plot, and when does it open?
    Opening: Saturday - 5th November - 2022 @ 6pm ST
    We do have a very simple request. If possible, please try to keep in mind that the studio is likely to be used by our Photographers during regular nightclub opening hours (Tuesdays - 7pm-11pm ST | Saturdays - 7pm-1am ST)
    Whilst we can't enforce keeping the house clear, our photographers may politely ask you to step aside if you're not mid-shoot so that the area they need can be used for their clients. Other than that, this property IS open to the public.

    Feel free to follow the Photostudio's instagram account below.

    If posting content to Instagram taken within the studio, please use #ffxivblissstudio so we can take a look at your work!

    In order to enable the best possible experience for each individual guest, we rely on the implementation of a strict set of rules.
    Each of our guests is obliged to comply with these rules.
    Rule violations end with warnings up to the final exclusion from our venue!

    As with any venue, it stands to reason that there should be a ruleset in place. We don't want to have to put too many rules in place. We just want everybody to be able to have a good time.
    Please keep the following rules in mind, and we'll all get along well :)
    CLUB RULES1. Do not enter any of the private chambers without a booking. If you're caught room hopping, you'll be warned, and kicked out if you continue to do so.2. Please avoid using the 'Looking to Meld' and 'Looking for Party' tags, they're reserved for staff. Dancers can be identified by 'Looking for Party', Staff identified by 'Looking to Meld'3. Please be respectful of all staff & patrons alike, nobody wants to feel like they're being harassed. If somebody says no, or asks you to step back, please respect their wishes.4. Please leave weapons & minions at the door, our security will politely remind you if any are seen.5. It goes without saying that the dancefloor is a place for fun and to have a good time, please keep your pants on. Being an 18+ Venue, tops may only be removed in the Hot Tub section of the VIP Area6. Use of Yell & Shout channels are reserved for staff, and occasionally the DJs, Please do try to avoid using them.7. You acknowledge that by attending, you may be in pictures used for promoting the club. Please understand there is no ill intent. Our photographers simply wish to capture the nights best moments for all to see.8. Any and all services provided by staff are only available during opening hours, unless specifically stated by management, or the staff member you're with.9. Please turn off your emote log, it fills up the chat log for everyone10. Use of bard instruments inside the venue is strictly forbidden11. No NSFW Talk in public channels inside the Venue outside of private rooms

    We work closely together with other venues & DJs and greatly value the individuality and diversity among them.
    Definitely pay them a visit!

    Endless Nights Events is -the- place to be for all things community-related within Final Fantasy XIV. We provide a community and a hub for creative minds to share their passions and hobbies in many forms, most of which derived from or taking place within the game itself.Ranging from player-created Community Events, to content creators such as livestreamers and graphic designers, and even skilled live-mixing DJs, we aim to offer a space and a home to everything you can imagine within Final Fantasy XIV.

    Location: Light | Twintania | Shirogane | Ward 2 Plot 58Kitsune キツネ

    Location: Lich | The Goblet | Ward 19 Plot 30Fortuna Club & Casino is an immersive RP venue bringing the darker side of Eorzea to Light. Offering Casino Games, Companion Services, VIP and High Roller options, there are many facets to enjoy. Throughout the night we will explore the continuing story of Fortuna, its Staff, and bring you the Patrons along for the ride. Even we don't know what will happen next.

    Our Resident DJ, Best Cat- Nynu

    The Menagerie

    Location: Light - Lich - Goblet - Ward 19, Plot 29If you follow the sounds of a trickling stream, nestled and hidden within the quiet glow of the Goblet, you will find The Menagerie – a uniquely immersive RP venue. A small piece of Kugane within the heart of Thanalan hosted by exclusive 'Geisha' and 'Oiran'. Escape to a place of beauty, where you will be taken care of, and leave with a sense of peace.

    Seventh Circle

    Location: Light - Zodiark - Mist - Ward 18, Plot 15Welcome to hell. Seventh Circle is a Metal/Industrial-focused nightclub themed around the 9 circles of Hell from Dante's "Inferno". Our aim is to provide you with not only great music and a hell of a party, but also an RP experience that's as casual or as immersive as you want it to be.

    European Bass Dispensers

    We are a team of Online djs that aim to provide the best parties on the internet. 100% pure dance music and live play. You can find us playing live in twitch, and virtual venues in online multiplayer games. Come join us for the best vibes! We are EBD.

    Seventh Haven

    is a European Discord community for roleplayers and those who are interested in that scene!
    Any level of experience and roleplaying style and activity are welcome!
    Support us by buying cookies
    Raiden - Mist - Ward 22, Plot 2
    Raiden - Lavender Beds - Ward 7, Plot 36
    The cookies range from 1k to 100k (usually) and all profit will go towards funding 7H events, workshops etc.

    Critical Miss

    Tequila, tabasco

    Vicious Mockery

    Jameson, Pickle juice

    It's a mimic!

    Sambuca, Peppermint Schnapps

    Turn Undead

    White rum, Lavender, Lemon

    Bahamut's Golden Hoard

    Sambuca, Goldschläger

    Sneak Attack

    Blue Curacao, Sourpuss

    Chaotic Neutral

    Peach Liquer, Triple Sec, Grenadine

    Kraken ate your Ship

    Creme de cacao, Kraken rum

    Short Rest

    Spiced rum, Jäger, Cointreau

    Banshee Breath

    Creme de cacao, Creme de menthe

    Dwarven Ale

    Jägermeister, Bailey's

    Balanced Stats

    Kahlua, Bailey's Grand Marnier


    Malibu, drop of Bailey's

    Wizard's Spellbook

    Grenadine, Blue curacao, Vodka

    Hunter's Mark

    Creme de cacao, Amaretto

    Eldritch Patron

    Malibu, Peack liqueur

    Blue Tiefling

    Blue curacao, Malibu

    Luck of the Halfling

    Vodka, Kahlua

    Benevolent DM

    Apple Moonshine, Goldschläger

    Critical Hit!

    A delicious mystery shot, you get to keep the glass as a memento. Unable to order, get lucky and roll a 20!